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📝Terms and Conditions

iGamingDb (“the Site”) is an independent news and information site focused on the Indian market’s gambling sector.
The information and services provided on the Site are intended strictly and solely for entertainment purposes. Each visitor to the Site (“user”) agrees to use it solely for entertainment purposes. The Site does not offer legal advice.

The Site makes no claim for the accuracy of information hosted herein. User agrees to indemnify the Site against legal claims arising from erroneous or inaccurate information hosted or otherwise made available by the Site.
Neither the Site nor its contents may be used to conduct illegal activity. The Site abjures responsibility for illegal activity involving the information it makes available, regardless of the jurisdiction in which a given activity is deemed illegal.
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The Site’s content is copyrighted by iGamingDb. None of the Site’s content may be published, hosted, or otherwise used without the express authorization of iGamingDb.
To ask a question about the Site’s terms and conditions, please contact us via the Site’s Contact page.

🍪Cookie Policy

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To learn more about how cookies work, and how to deactivate or delete them, please visit https://www.aboutcookies.org/cookie-faq.
To ask a question about our cookie policy, please contact us using the Site’s Contact page.